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We are Blogger Webservice, an online guest blogging agency based in Belgium. We love simplicity and perfection, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience when working with our “Guest Blogging Platform” application. 

By creating just one account, we give you access to many guest blogging websites where you can publish your blog posts.

Our built-in algorithm checks the contents before it can be published after the blog is posted, our editorial staff will review the content manually. This ensures quality for everyone, but the ease of publishing for all members.

More About Us


Whether you are an SEO expert managing dozens of clients or an entrepreneur is struggling to make money online. It is sure to come a time when you need to get your incredible content onto platforms with an audience.

After all, you need to build your audience, get your brand noticed, and send customers to your websites. For this, finding useful blogs for guest posting in the SEO world is like finding pots of gold at the end of the rainbow – except that useful blogs exist! Just one good blog post can bring dollars to your account.

This is where we are trying to fill the gap, reducing the time it takes to contact a blogger and persuade them to let you post an article on their website. With our platform, you will be able to view sites where the owners have already approved content to be shared. All content must be original, must not be about banned categories, and must follow the rules for posting – basically, good unique content only!.

This selection of guest post blogs will allow you to get your content seen, as they already have traffic and rankings. Not only this, because we only allow high-quality websites, promoting your website on them should also positively impact the rankings of your website too. It is win-win, as visitors connect through the article and more potential customers find your site via search engines.

So, what are you waiting for, sign up for a free trial and start today?

Our Guest Blogging Service is an all-inclusive platform and has everything you need to publish blogger platformyour blog posts on various blog posting sites throughout the web. We work hard to make it easier for our bloggers to get their content seen.

When you access our application for the first time, we can guarantee that you can start guest blogging in just a few minutes. And that’s how you post to your first website will be the same process for all connected sites.

From our own experience, we know that most blog websites work differently. And sometimes it’s so difficult and time-wasting to publish an article that you will likely give up and move on to another blog.

With our guest posting web service, you save lots of time and can easily publish to all member websites.

You can learn how to guest blog properly and how to publish your first article by clicking here.

Once when you have a paid account for our service, you will get full access to all available websites that are connected with our application. We serve customers in multiple countries. Currently, we offer guest blog sites for the following countries:

  • Netherlands: 482 Dutch websites with a .NL extension
  • Belgium: 90 Belgium websites with a .BE extension
  • Germany: 70 German websites with a .DE extension
  • United Kingdom: 13 English websites with a .CO.UK extension
  • Europe: 66 multi-language websites with a .EU extension
  • United States: 222 English websites with a .COM, .NET, .INFO, .BIZ extensions

At our platform you can publish guest posts for almost any subject, some main topics that we use are:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Computers
  • Games
  • Health
  • Home
  • News
  • Recreation
  • Reference
  • Science
  • Shopping
  • Society
  • Sports

Besides these main topics we are also using the most used sub topics, if you want to know if your wanted topic is available at our sites please contact us.

Publishing your content is very easy with Blogger Webservice, once when you have an account with us you can post your content yourself, it works like this:

  1. Create an account with us, and you can do this by ordering a package on this page: Our packages
  2. After you made the payment for the package, you will receive an email with your login details
  3. Sign in at our application
  4. Create a campaign
  5. Click the button “add item” and choose the country where you want to publish
  6. Choose the category and campaign for your content
  7. Choose the blog site where you want to publish your blog post and submit your content
  8. Click the button “Publish”, and your content will be published right away on the selected website

After you published your content, you can always modify it ( lifetime ).

Check this page for more detailed information about: How to publish your first blog post.

Start Improving Your Brand Today with Guest Blogging

The Blogger Webservice Guest Blogging Tool was created to help professional bloggers. Our guest blogging application makes the difficult job of drawing attention to your brand, products or services far more comfortable and less time-consuming.

We focus on brand building and not on link building, our blogger’s blog about products, stories, news, service experiences and more.

Come to join and improve your online visibility in search engines like Google and Bing

Check out: Our Packages

  • Traffic when you blog
  • Traffic when you don't blog

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