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We’re Blogger Webservice, the best blogger platform for publishing your articles.

Blogger Webservice is your partner for online branding. We have many clients who like to use our blogger platform for guest blogging. For article marketing, Blogger Webservice makes its product available to support any marketing strategy, allowing for seamless brand development.


Your organization can connect to a potential customer with unique articles posted on relevant guest blogging sites in the category that matched your niche. We offer access to many English, German, Belgian and Dutch blog websites.


At present there are more than 900 blog sites accessible via our blogger platform. We regularly add new blog sites, and connect them with our easy to use guest blogging services platform. Blogging is all about quality!


With any form of marketing, it is all about quality and not just quantity. Blogging or content marketing is no different. Unique content on trusted sites is the best way to grow your audience, so do not spam (spammers will have content removed).


Blogger Webservice has local domains for each country, making article marketing easier, especially when doing local SEO.


We like to keep it simple, that’s why our product portal is very user-friendly, with all your items within reach and you can control your posted items. You can always update your article after publication. If desired, you can move an item within one week after the date to another, more relevant website or category. At all times you have the option to withdraw any publications.


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We look forward to a successful collaboration.