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You can use the application from Blogger Webservice for Article Marketing. By creating an account, you get access to a huge amount of article and blog websites where you can publish your written articles instantly. With our application, you can post on high-quality article websites from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, France and the United States.

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However, do not look at this as only a way to expand links to your URL. If you are thinking about links, then you are approaching this in the wrong direction. If you approach from a brand-building mindset, where the aim is to attract customers, then you’ll find your business will grow much faster. Always aim for quality content that is interesting or at least useful.

What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is a method of content marketing that drives targeted traffic to your website from already established and respected sites.

This is a great online marketing approach, especially if your website is new and doesn’t yet have any power or respect. By posting amazing articles on quality websites, your articles can rank in search tools like Google, Bing, Baidu Etc. This means your articles visited and read by people interested in your niche. Some of those people are also likely to click the link to your website. This means more traffic for you.

  • As effective content marketing also includes a link or two to the promoted website, whether no-follow or do-follow (don’t worry if you do not understand these terms).
  • Having links from respected websites will help your website to get more respect and traffic.
  • As with people, sites are partly judged by the ‘crowd’ they are connected with.
  • However, you only get that respect from Google if your articles are in categories related to your website.
  • Provide information that matches the category where the content is submitted. For example, it wouldn’t make sense if you have an article on a website or category about baby products that are then linking to your website about construction. Things should always be at least be somewhat related.

How to Write Content Correctly?

Here we are going to share some tips on content marketing and how to make your campaign a success.

When writing articles, write for your audience and not just for Google etc. The text should read well and appeal to the people that you want to drive to your website. Write about what you know and love, or if it is something outside of your expertise, be sure to research the subject entirely.

You want to be seen as an authority on the subject, show that you know what you are writing about.

Don’t stuff articles full of keywords and DO NOT COPY CONTENT, even individual sentences. Always aim for 100% originality with your content. Otherwise, it won’t rank well, won’t drive customers, and risks your website getting issues for ‘spamming’ copied content. Not to mention, you could also have problems with the original content providers.

Include a keyword in your title and first paragraph. Don’t spam it throughout; only use keywords (the terms people search to find something) in a way that naturally fits your content. Use plenty of similar terms and variations of your keyword in your marketing article.

Make sure to structure your articles, adding H2 (heading 2) titles, and some H3-6 are also nice, but not as important for search engine optimization of your marketing articles. Also, be sure to add an image, and if possible, embed a YouTube video. You can even title your image or video as a related keyword, or at least include the keyword in the image name (so long as it is relevant.

All of this adds up to it being an “authoritative” content. Everything is quality, it all matches, and so it gets better rankings and more visitors. As this is also primarily written for the readers, bounce rates should be low. Popularity should increase as your readers share your amazing content on social media, through emails and more.

However, it doesn’t stop once you have published as you are trying to build an audience. Do not forget to create social media for your website and share every article you post on all of the social media you can.

Be sure to at least share on the big 3 of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Only share once or twice, don’t forget always to make your content a part of your social media marketing. Some many tools and services can help you schedule social media promotions of your content.

This approach is called Content Marketing and should be a major part of your business’s marketing strategy. If you have time, learn more about SEO and search engines. However, the above strategy alone should get you off to a running start with your promotional efforts.

How Article Marketing Improves Your Chances of Success?

No matter the type of business you are running, or even your location in the world, content marketing is likely to increase your business.

If you can’t do it all yourself, you can, of course, hire freelancers to come up with content ideas and be the author of your articles. Or contact us directly to see if we have any writers available. This way, you can maximize your marketing efforts without needing to write all of the content yourself. Offering an “author’s signature” to be on your articles may help to inspire your writers, as then they too can grow their brand.

If you hire experienced writers and freelancers, they will also find great target markets and create pages to attract quality traffic. Target visitors that are likely to become customers of your company. By finding unique related topics, your audience can expand. Sometimes, this may even end up, resulting in your brand changing to match the best topics.

This strategy for marketing is not likely to give instant results. It takes time, but if you work at it, it can, in turn, deliver incredible results. Always allow at least 3-6 months for stable results. Although, sometimes it happens much sooner. If you work continually and consistently for 3-6 months doing promotions, you should end up with the “rolling snowball effect”. Your traffic should grow much faster from then onwards. Just small steps daily make a big difference!

All in all, article marketing is perfect for promoting products and websites. It increases your success by attracting visitors to the articles, sending them to your sites and improving your websites SERPs. SERP means where it appears in the search engine search result positions. Over time, this will lead to marketers delivering increased sales.

Companies are always looking for guest posts and people to submit articles. So, you can use this to promote your own business or make article marketing a part of your business itself (provide the service to other companies, at an increased price).


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