Best 7 Benefits of Blog Guest Posting

Best 7 Benefits of Blog Guest Posting

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If you have a website or learning about online marketing, the chances are that at some point, you’ve come across guest blogging. To some, this may not seem like it’s worthwhile, and yet those that do this consistently normally see amazing results within 3-6 months.

What is blog guest posting?

Before we go into the benefits of blog guest posting, have you ever wondered what it is?

Blog guest posting means writing a blog or article and publishing it on someone else’s website or blog. Apart from connecting with new readers and putting yourself out there, guest posting is a great marketing strategy for your website.


Allow me to explain. Blog guest posting allows you to access more platforms and readers that you wish to engage with. More than that, it is a great way to increase the popularity of your website, but more on that later.

How to blog effectively?

For the longest time, beginners to blogging overlook the importance of guest posting on established blogs. They fail to understand the reasons for publishing articles on other sites or blogs.

Everyone has their reasons for blogging. Countless people make a living from it; others use it to optimize their search engine results and get higher SERP rankings. However, this doesn’t change the fact that article marketing through guest blogging on other sites is far more effective than only creating new content for your website.

We aren’t saying that relevant content doesn’t matter; it has its importance. However, publishing on sites for guest posting can do wonders for your reputation and the number of people you reach.

Being straightforward and concise is also essential when writing the perfect blog. The article needs to be neat and direct, with easy to understand sentences. You need to make sure that your grammar and spelling are top-notch, and your content is engaging. Garnering a strong following is a long road, and being consistent is a significant stepping-stone in attaining that goal.

Promoting your website is just as important as writing for some, and the best way to do this effectively is by creating relevant content. Social media sites and business pages like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are fail-safe ways of generating new leads and driving traffic. So, be sure to share your articles on as many social media platforms as you can, to drive more visitors to your articles and website.

Adding a request or “call to action” at the end of the guest post can also provide your readers with the incentive they need to take action. So, get them to share with their friends or visit your target website.

Still not convinced how working hard for someone else’s site could benefit you?
It is essential to understand that blog guest posting isn’t just beneficial for you, but also your company.

1. Build Relationships

When guest blogging for someone else and providing them with great content, you are forging relationships with them. Bloggers are incredibly active on social media sites, which makes them valuable and influential friends.

If you forge friendships with other bloggers and add value to their websites, your influence on social media can grow. Increases in social media authority increased subscribers, and leads are all possible if you reference them in your articles.

2. SERP Rankings

Your guest blogging won’t hold any weight if the host doesn’t provide backlinks. Adding backlinks from the guest post back to your website or sales pages will increase the power of your own website.

This allows search engines to find your content more naturally, and help improve your SERP rankings. This is beneficial for your website because higher SERP rankings ensure leads and traffic to your website.

However, never spam backlinks, only add one or two, and include them in a natural way. Linking from keywords or other phrases all of the time can cause problems. Try to link in natural ways and from a diverse range of words/phrases as would occur normally. Simply put, write for the readers and link for the readers, not for search engines.

3. New Readers

We have already mentioned that guest posting allows you to address a different audience and platform. The most significant benefit guest blog posting brings to the table is new readers.

You get access to an already established platform. This ultimately benefits your website because if your blog brings something to the conversation and impresses the readers, you will, undoubtedly, see an increase in followers.

An important concept to understand is that no one likes a blogger who peddles.
All you need to do is add value and impress people. Let the magic happen on its own.

4. Exposure and Increase in Traffic

Getting a link back to your website isn’t the only way guest blogging benefits you. If your writing manages to impress your audience and attract their attention, traffic will automatically flow to your site.

Traffic and generating leads is imperative for a website or blog. If done right, guest blogging can convert leads to sales. You can also optimize both your articles and your website’s content to increase SERP rankings, leading to more conversions.

As established blogs often rank better than new websites, when written well, guest posts can also rank in search engines, generating targeted visitors from search results and sending a percentage of them through to your website.

5. Social Media Shares and Following

Social media shares are a great way to extend your online authority. The more shares your content gets, the more audience you are bound to attract.

Guest blogging doesn’t only increase the number of shares your content gets. It also does wonders for your followers and leads. If your website gets a backlink from an authoritative blog, it helps to increases awareness for your website.

6. Search Engine Optimization

Most blogs offering guest blogging don’t provide monetary compensation. However, they allow contributors to have at least one link to their website.

Even a single link from an authoritative blog is hugely beneficial for your Search Engine Optimization and SERP rankings. Higher rankings allow search engines to discover your content easily and generate more leads.

Just be sure to follow the rules of search engines and write for the readers only, not just to create a link or to try and fit certain phrases/keywords.

7. Generating New Leads

One of the most critical aspects of guest blogging is picking out the right websites to guest blog for.

It is best to choose websites with a steady flow of traffic and powerful metrics. What’s more, it is imperative to select a blog with an audience that is interested in what you offer. Therefore, pick a blog in a similar niche as your website, or with a category about that niche.


Guest blogging is, undoubtedly, a great marketing technique. As aforementioned, it is five times more valuable than creating new content alone.

However, having relevant and engaging content is just as important. If done right, guest blogging can generate useful leads. Ultimately, these leads will be converted to sales.

Guest blogging allows you to access already established platforms. You can connect with new readers and touch lives, all the while benefiting your website.