Essentials of Guest blogging

Essentials of Guest blogging

Essentials of Guest blogging

Marketing in recent times has evolved in so many ways, including being able to earning from advertising placed on your own websites. However, to earn well from this, you need to have a large level of traffic to make lots of sales for advertisers. Of course, many also sell services and pay for advertising. While effective, paying per click or per view can be expensive and is an ongoing expense.

Attracting traffic can be slow if you only focus on creating content for your website. A way to increase your traffic drastically is to do guest blogging in combination with original content in all your blogs (on-site and guest posts).

Guest blog posting is a very strategic way of generating traffic for your posts and sending it to your website. Even your own website will likely get more natural traffic from search engines. To do this, you basically post (the guest post) on different websites, usually ones with higher traffic and power.

A guest post should be an original, high-quality post published by an author representing another website. Such a post is useful to both your readers and readers of the host site.

With that said, posting blogs is a popular form of link building that is considered safe and effective for improving authority and building strength of your backlink profile. It has also proven effective for brand development and marketing.

To improve your rankings and build traffic for your site through blog posting, the site you intend to publish on needs to be targeted to the same niche as your own website. Preferably, it should also have a strong readership portfolio to provide enough traffic to make an impact on your site.

To effectively market products and services, there’s the need for direct promotion and advertising activities towards the right niche of people who are interested in the topic and hopefully help to share it further. Doing this online requires attracting visitors, and guest blogging does this by providing the traffic you need.

However, you would almost never get the intended results if the site selected isn’t right for your product or service. Hence, the need to carefully select the right site for your guest post.

Factors to consider when selecting a site

  • The first order of business is to find a site that matches the criteria for providing a quality link. The high ranking sites in your niche should be your starting point to look for to get the process started. Alternatively, a powerful general website with a related topic/category can work just as well.
  • Make a list of the sites that are well known for generating content in your industry. Then find out if these sites accept guest posts offers or not. When it comes to publishing content, some sites can be rather picky, so this can become a bit of a numbers game.
  • Most importantly, check the credibility and trustworthiness of such sites, as a great post on a site that lacks credibility is likely to deliver nothing. Credibility is vital!

Benefits of guest blogging

Traffic boosting

By capitalizing on the audience of other sites, guest blogging brings more visitors to your site. As a guest author, you get to publish articles relating to your niche with a link that points back to your website. With that link on the more popular blog sites, you can gain more traffic and readers with interest within your niche.

Such traffic generated on the host site should increase your prominence over time and help your article rankings on their site in search results for issues or topics within your niche.

Exposure and visibility of your product with guest posting

You get to tap into the resources of the third party website traffic resources which increases the visibility of your site. Being considered as a thought leader in your niche through your visibility can lead to more opportunities.

Establishing an online authority

The more people get to read about your product or service, the better. The content of your posts highlights your prominence in your niche or area of interest which increases your chances of recommendations when a new user searches for stuff related to your product’s/service niche. Your target should be to build authority to the level where your website considered the go-to site for such matters.


These days, credibility is just as important as your virtual authority. Hence, the need to consider credibility in the search for higher rankings and authority. Guest post, especially on popular sites, helps increase your credibility as such sites would only post your content if it meets up to specified standards.

It is important to note that to enjoy these benefits, there’s a need to work on an ongoing strategy. You need strategies to get featured on a host site, how to increase and demonstrate your authority, and how to stay relevant by increasing credibility.

To do so, there’s a need to know how to get published on the best sites, how to call attention to your posts and attract both likes and social shares. Highlighted below are a few steps as well as tips to attain the above goals.

  1. 1. Find suitable and most preferable guest blog sites

There are a lot of guest blog sites on the internet and there’s a high chance you’d find a lot of them tempting to publish on. But, the most important point to note is that whatever site you might see as the best must have a bearing to your target audience and also gravitate naturally towards matters within your niche.

At the same time, do not concentrate all your efforts on one of the top ‘ranking’ websites for a topic. Make a list of sites that are well known for generating traffic in your niche. Apart from the topmost sites, also find sites that accept articles from guest authors regularly.

  1. Pitch your article

There are thousands and thousands of sites looking for great content to publish on their sites. It is up to you to figure what type of content they want and how best to relate it to your product or service. However, do not be too ambiguous with your post, as the more detailed your pitch is, the more they can understand what you’re bringing to the table and how you intend to carry out your proposition.

  1. Make the most of the opportunity to publish.

Once your pitch has been accepted, you must make the most of the post. Usually, sites allow contextual content and this allows you to add links as a reference or to include links within the body of your text.

If by chance, you’re allowed to do this, ensure that the links provided direct the readers to the core pages of your site. Make sure those links direct the users to the exact pages that provide relevant information about your product or the subject of the article. By so doing, you have both created awareness about your website, as well as providing links for future reference to your site (not forgetting, that sometimes those links help your website to rank higher in SERPs).

  1. Ensure your article represents your business!

It is essential to relate your article to your business, as that generates the credibility you need as well as putting you in an authoritative position and helping rankings increase.

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