Guest Blogging sites

Finding guest blogging sites can take a lot of time. Not only do you need to scour the web looking for pages that are quality and getting plenty of traffic, but you also need them to accept your guest blog post. If they don’t take your submission, you are wasting your time contacting them, waiting for their reply, and then getting nothing out of it. This is why many turn to public lists such as a” guest posting sites list” or “guest posting blogs list”.

The only problem with searching for lists of sites like this is that they are not available to everyone. For those who have enough knowledge of the web to search for those terms might succeed and find good sites.Unfortunately, they are often over-submitted and spammed. It can also lead to delays in publishing, or if they aren’t checked regularly. This can lead to useful blogs turning into spam sites whether you’re an SEO expert or just trying to get visitors to your site. You never want to post your guest article on a website that is low quality.

SEO Guest Post Opportunities

The good news is that SEO guest post opportunities do exist in the world. And can be used by SEOers and novices to help visitors to fond their excellent website. It doesn’t matter if your sites are new or old either. As most search engines are far more concerned by the quality of the pages that link to your website than they are about thousands or millions of links. Just a single link from a guest post on a high-quality website is often more beneficial. For rankings and sending visitors to your website than having a thousand links from sites that don’t match.

However, when trying to find opportunities, it is also essential to consider the niche. Google know that it isn’t natural for a site about the law to be linked to from a site about art. But it could make sense it is something about the law affecting art in some way. Our point is that the websites that you are trying to post to should match the topic of your website. This is why choosing where to guest post carefully is essential.

To choose a website that you want to submit to, you should first consider the topic and audience of that website. Are they likely to be interesting in your product/service/content? Does it provide any benefit to their users? This is why we set our guest post guidelines to literally guide our users to be able to find the best websites possible for their niche. And, if you are lazy to read through it all, check out our video about how to use our websites for SEO and drive visitors to your website.

Guest Blogging Sites

As we mentioned, the key is to submit amazing content on good blog websites. But how do you know which sites are good? Although there are lots of ways, nowadays. However, most pro SEOers put a lot of faith in Moz Metrics such as Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF) since the old system of Page Rank (PR) was discontinued by Google and is no longer updated.

These metrics allow you to see the ‘power’ of a website, and if it has obtained links in what looks like a natural way. Another essential score is the spam rating, and also to check the type of links a website has to it. At this point, you’re probably thinking “Seriously? That sounds like a lot of work”. Well, it is. But, the good news is that with our system, we do it all for you in advance, so that you don’t need to worry so much about developing full guest blogging SEO strategies, but instead can focus on getting your website online.

With our guest blogging platform, you don’t spend days or weeks searching for blogs that accept guest posts, but instead, enter your niche and then are presented with a range of websites that all include that topic. We only link to the top guest posting sites we can find, and monitor sites for any declines. If they drop out of Google or have issues, we move your posts to a similar website, so you continue to get benefits and traffic.

How it Works:

  • Sign up to our platform
  • Sign in to the client area
  • Create a campaign (the name of your project)
  • Select the niche closest related to your niche, such as “technology.”
  • You will then be presented with a list of technology guest post sites to choose from (or whatever niche you selected).
  • Choose your website
  • Publish your content as you would in an office app or WordPress (adding title, content, images, videos, etc.)
  • Submit for approval (generally under a few seconds)
  • That’s it, and you can edit anytime after submitting.

We have done our best to make the Top guest posting service online, with almost instant approval from guest posting sites around the world. Often posts are approved in less than 5 mins (they may take longer if a manual review is required, as an automated check is performed first). Our system also includes an easy to use guest post tracker for every campaign you create. So that you don’t need to remember where you submitted articles, for more info, and a full guide of guest blogging tips, sign up today!