Article Websites

Article websites are sites that offer individuals and businesses to post content. They offer a platform for people to promote their businesses or blogs. You get to engage a bigger audience when you post content on such a site. Consistent posts will create a reputation for you, which can translate to a loyal following, boosting your business. The sites vary in terms of relevance to certain topics and their ratings. Posting on a reputable one would therefore give you more credibility.

Content Creation in Marketing

Modern article marketing is ever-evolving. In present times, content creation hasUsing Article Websites to Boost Search Engine Ranking 1 become the backbone of marketing. Many businesses are investing more in content creation to drive traffic and increase revenues. Article sites have taken a central role in helping businesses achieve their marketing goals. The sites help businesses post content that draws people to their respective websites. Although individuals or businesses may have their own blogs and sites, article sites offer a greater platform to showcase their quality writing skills in a bid to draw attention to their products and services. To succeed in drawing readers to your business or product, you have to maintain high-quality content that captures attention. The article should be able to evoke interest from the reader to follow you to your blog or site.

Key Features of an Article Submission Site

Three things are important when posting to an article site. First, pay attention to the keywords in your content. Proper use of trending keywords in your posts will ensure more people view your content. That would lead to more traffic to your page or blog. Every article your post on an article site is an opportunity to market yourself or your business. Therefore, you need to pay keen attention to your use of keywords.

The second component that needs attention is the matter. When writing, you should have a goal. The content should be concise and innovative enough to captivate the readers. Creativity will ensure you generate a huge following that would benefit your business.

Lastly, the medium plays a big role in the audience you get. While you may create great content with trending and relevant keywords, the choice of a medium may hold you back from realizing your potential. Highly rated publishing sites give you a platform to engage with a wider audience than lowly rated sites. Thus, to increase your following, you need to post on a highly rated publishing page.

Advantages of Article Submission

Many people or businesses do not realize the power that lies in article submission. Most take it to be just an informational platform. However, that information published on the article sites is key to unlocking new markets for entrepreneurs and generating a new following for bloggers.

Generally, there are two main arguments for using article submission to boost your online visibility. First, it improves the ranking of your online business’ website on search engines. The use of backlinks in article sites ensures that traffic flows to your site. They also build your site’s authenticity and you get to grow as an authority in your area of expertise.

Secondly, it allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your area of specialization. By consistently publishing high-quality content in a given area, you build a reputation and assert yourself as an authority in that area. Your reputation will then spur interest in your work, which creates a greater awareness of your business. Consistency also helps you build trust and a long-term relationship with your readers, who are potential customers. The quality of your content will motivate them to visit your pages, where you can convert them into customers.

The two main arguments for publishing on submission sites can be broken down into several advantages.

Why You Should Post Articles

I. The submission of texts to such websites boosts the ranking of a blog or business on various search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google.
II. The sites make it possible for businesses and individuals to increase the online visibility of their products or brands
III. The sites help businesses and bloggers build a reputation and establish themselves as experts in a given topic or subject. That enhances the authority of their pages or blogs.
IV. The sites allow bloggers to use backlinks to high Domain Rating (DR) websites, which increases traffic to their pages.
V. The abundance of submission sites means easy access. Therefore, there is no hassle getting an appropriate site for content.
VI. Consistency in posting high-quality content can lead to the formation of a bond with readers. That builds reputation and increases traffic flow to business websites.
VII. Submitting articles to submission sites may result in your work going viral, which would greatly boost your website’s ratings and rankings. It would lead to higher traffic to the website, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

Although each backlink acts as a vote for your pages, some links have a negative contribution to your website’s search engine rankings. To avoid such an impact, you should remember to use the “no-follow” tag. That ensures that search engines ignore these links when ranking your content. As an SEO strategy, backlinks ensure readers can follow you back to your website or blog to access more of your content. From there they get to interact with your products, which may convince them to become your customers.

A Guide for Article Submission to Top Article Sites

To ensure you take advantage of article sites, you need to consider several key factors. Ignoring these factors could prevent you from achieving optimum outcomes from your article submissions. Take the following steps to ensure you maximize your content on the article sites.
I. Create a list of high quality and high DR websites.
II. Register on the select website, providing key information such as your email.
III. Specify a category for your text such as sports, education, or home appliances.
IV. Include relevant keywords as well as a link to your website in the author’s description box.
V. Write a captivating article with minimal errors. Remember to keep your article concise and precise to avoid losing your audience. Most people prefer short texts that are straight to the point.
VI. Include your chosen keywords in your content. These will drive your rankings up while attractive traffic to your website.
VII. Always edit and proofread your article before submitting it for publishing. That eliminates errors that would affect your ranking negatively.

After submission, the submission site’s moderator will go through your article to assess the suitability of your content for the website. Once approved for publication, the website sends you an email confirming the publication.

Finding Article Websites

There are plenty of article sites. All you need to do to access them is to do a search online. Some of the sites are niche sites, dealing with articles in one field or area. However, others are more general and accept them in different fields. However, they have different categories into which you submit your texts. To promote your content effectively, you need to look for a site that matches your content. Relevance is key to building a serious online following. Submitting your article to a niche site means that your target audience is very specific to an industry. You should also consider the site’s ranking. A highly ranked site will lend you more credibility, resulting in a better ranking.

Different submission sites provide different privileges to content creators. Some allow you to add content to blogs while some give you the platform to post content on many webpages, sometimes thousands. You may be able to combine several articles on some websites while other websites allow you to share content with other publishers.

Writing Text for Publication

Before you embark on writing an article, you must always establish the goal of that article. That will guide the content of the article. You cannot have an impactful article if it serves no aim. Setting the goal also identifies the target audience. Your article will then try to influence the target audience and call them to action.

Once you set the goal and determine the audience, you need to focus on the target audience as you write. Keeping the target audience in mind as you write helps shape your content in a way that would be acceptable to them. A deviation from that could mean losing your audience with your writing. Remember that the article is meant to captivate readers and not repel them. Thus, ensure both the language and flow are appropriate for your select audience.

Another factor you need to consider is the tone of your article. First, you need to have a brand voice that can identify your content and products. Pay attention to the tone of your content, as it would affect how readers perceive you or your content. Using the wrong tone in your text can be a major drawback. For instance, a Finance article would have a very different tone from a sports article. Even the language will differ greatly. Mixing the two can lead to a loss of interest. For example, using the vibrant and fun tone of entertainment or sports articles for a finance article may lead to readers not taking you seriously. You will cause a disconnect with your target audience by getting the language and tone wrong.

Nothing grabs a reader’s attention than a great headline. Always remember to have a creative and unique headline that will get you the attention you need for your article. You may write amazing content, but readers may pass it over due to a bad headline. Your headline will also depend on the content and your target audience. Knowledge about your target audience will guide you on the headlines that would attract their attention most. Fashion headlines around keywords that are likely to spur excitement among your audience. A few things to remember as you come up with your headlines include:
• Always use active voice with strong and emotive words. That is likely to get your audience to proceed to read your content.
• Give your headline benefit. Make it convincing the reader to click and proceed to read the article.
• Avoid using clickbait headlines to get attention. The content must match your headline. Otherwise, you lose credibility.
• Make sure you use at least one keyword that will influence your SEO ranking.
• Use digits as much as possible. Having numbers written as digits rather than spelled can be eye-catching. It generates interest in readers to find out more about the numbers.

Proper use of links in your text can fortify your position as an authority in your field. You can use the internal links, which connect to posts and pages on your sites, or external links, which link to other pages. Internal links help you improve SEO ranking while external links that connect to useful and relevant content establish you as an authority. Thus, always remember to include useful links in your articles.

Lastly, your article needs to stir your audience to act. Depending on the goal of your article, you may need to have a call to action. Including an attention-grabbing call to action will ensure the audience takes action to help you meet your objective.

What Next After Submission and Approval of the Article?
Once your submitted article has been approved for publishing, the article sites allow you to carry out some operations that would increase your visibility. Some of the actions you can take to improve visibility for your content include the following:
I. Submitting newly created backlinks from article sites to search engine submission sites
II. Pinging newly created backlinks to index them on various search engines
III. Bookmarking the backlinks through various bookmarking websites as well as social media profiles to increase the popularity
IV. Generating high- authority backlinks through submission of articles to high authority directory submission sites
V. Convert written content to visual content and submit via video submission sites for greater impact.

To Wrap It

Digital marketing is evolving. As marketing techniques evolve, it is important for businesses and individuals to adapt to the new techniques in order to carve a niche for themselves. New marketing methodologies provide an opportunity for businesses and individuals to enhance their online visibility. Article publishing has emerged as a major marketing method in recent years. It continues to grow as more businesses and individuals adopt it to grow their following. The use of article sites is crucial to those that wish to drive their search engine rankings up.

Article submission sites provide bloggers and businesses a platform to post content and generate a buzz around their products, brands, or content. That helps stack up a big following that can be converted to good business. As an off-page SEO technique, article submission is efficient and effective. It is also inexpensive. You only have to leverage the quality of your article to create the necessary attention you need for your site, product, or brand.

There are a plethora of websites from which to select your preferred submission site. The choice will generally depend on your goal, category of article, and target audience. The quality or ranking of the website will also have a huge bearing on the selection of the submission site to use. High-ranking sites tend to have a greater and more reliable audience. They would therefore generate greater authenticity for your business.

While writing the text for submission, you have to consider things like keywords, backlinks, and headings, which enhance your search engine ranking. You also need to adopt a style and tone that is acceptable to your target audience. Minimize errors as well as click baits, as they would hamper your ranking.

The benefits of publishing articles abound, and you have to position yourself strategically to take advantage of the opportunities it offers.