Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

– You may not post erotic, abusive, gambling, drugs, or illegal items.

– You are solely responsible for the content of your previous articles.

– No scripts can be placed (e.g. via HTML) without the express permission of Blogger Webservice.

– The text in your article must comply with the law.

– In an inactive package, the user can still customize a article or remove.

– Not consumed articles placements are not taken to a subsequent period and expire.

– Only uniquely written articles may be placed.

– Do not place the same (duplicate content) article on this website.

– It’s also not allowed to copy small pieces of content (duplicate content) and use for other articles.

– Your article must contain at least 300 words.

– You may place up to 4 link references in your article.

– Keyword Spam (repeat or recite the same words) is not allowed.

– Providing log data of Blogger Webservice is prohibited to third parties.

Violation may result in one or more terms of use

– Removal of Items without a refund of the advertising rate.

– Suspension of a user account.

– Limit functionalities.

Examples of violations of the Terms and Conditions and/or the policy are:

– Articles that have been placed in the wrong section.

– Items that have been posted double.

– Keyword Spam (repeat or recite the same words).

– Items which are not written in your preferred language.

– Local scripts.

– Installation of erotic, abusive, gambling, drugs or illegal texts.

– Items with a website listing to websites that violate our policies.

– Items that offered forbidden by law or suspicious objects and services.

– Articles that infringe on (intellectual property) rights of third parties.

– Users whose actions lead to complaints from other users.

– Users of whom are strong indications that they fail to comply with our terms of use and/or policies.