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Blogger Webservice is an article portal to support online marketing efforts. Blogger Webservice is not involved in transactions between buyers and sellers. For that reason, Blogger Webservice can not have any control over the quality, safety and legality of advertised and described products and services.

Concerning content

Blogger Webservice has no control or influence service and policy of the advertiser or user. Blogger Webservice reserves the right to exclude advertisers and users (without reason) of its system if in any way acted contrary to the law, public order, morality and/or these terms and conditions. The exclusion shall be without prejudice to the right of Blogger Webservice to take legal action and/or remove the articles, move, or modify.

The information itself is placed on advertising websites by Blogger Webservice is compiled with great care. Nevertheless, Blogger Webservice is not liable for any inaccuracies or omissions therein. Blogger Webservice is not liable for indirect and/or direct damage to advertisers or users to advertising sites.

Violation may result in one or more terms of use Blogger Webservice:

– Removal of advertisement (s) without refund of the advertising rate.

– Suspension of a user account.

– Limit functionalities.

Examples of violations of the terms of use and/or the policy are:

– Ads that have been placed in the wrong section.

– Ads placed double.

– Keyword Spam (repeat or recite the same words).

– Advertisements which are not written in your preferred language.

– Installation of scripts or images.

– Installation of erotic, abusive, gambling, drugs or illegal texts.

– Ads which are offered prohibited or suspicious objects and services.

– Ads that infringe on (intellectual property) rights of third parties.

– Users whose actions lead to complaints from other users.

– Users of whom are strong indications that they fail to comply with our terms of use and/or policies.

Number of participating sites

The number of product areas which are offered through Blogger Webservice may vary. Blogger Webservice reserves the right to remove or modify the right product domains out of her system.

Force majeure and malfunctions

In technical maintenance on our servers or any other reason why the article portal is not available, no refund will be issued to the owner or user.