Guest Post & Blogger Outreach Service

While we have worked hard to create the perfect guest post service for our clients, Outreach Service we are now also providing a “hands-off” blogger outreach service. This means that you don’t need to concern yourself with planning and to write every article. But instead, place an order and let us know your focus keywords.

Our team will then set about coming up with great story ideas that naturally include your keywords. We write for people, not only search engines. So, all articles will be interesting and useful to people that would be interested in your business’s service or product.

With us taking care of blogger outreach, you also don’t need to spend hours hunting for guest post opportunities that are on quality websites. Instead, you order a package to publish articles, and we will take care of the rest.

Blogger Outreach Service Explained

In this case, we will not define blogger outreach from the perspective of an individual performing the activities themselves. But instead, cover exactly how blogger outreach works when you order our service.

The Blogger Webservice packages make it clear exactly what you get, from the length of your text to the quality of the website where it will be posted. You choose the power of the website (DA is for Domain Authority) and the length of the article[s] that you want to be posted.

We understand that everyone has a certain budget to stick to, so we only offer quality website at the base level, up to amazing “superstar” websites at a higher level. The higher level websites are complicated to find guest blogging opportunities for. As the owners are well aware of their value and often spend years building them.

As for articles, although a 500-word article is acceptable, if you want the article to do well, we recommend ordering at least 1000 words. A 1000-2000 word article allows enough information to explain a topic, and so it is far more likely to rank on for example google. This means that your article should get readers and send traffic to your website.

Your article will be written by a competent writer, incorporating your keywords and related terms to make it exciting and highly relevant to your niche. It’s essential if you want the article to get respect from Google. Information is 100% unique, as most websites will check this before publishing articles.

The submitted articles will include a mix of links to your website and in a natural way. They will, in turn, help your website get respect from google and other websites, as the website linking to your pages will be from quality websites.

Does Blogger Outreach Work?

Spamming websites with copied or spun information no longer works. In fact, that approach can get your site completely de-indexed from search engines. Instead, manual blogger outreach works because it provides value to website owners, visitors, and business owners.

The reason that blogger outreach activity produces benefits is relatively straight forward. Search engines see that articles are unique and of high quality, which is useful for visitors to the websites hosting those articles. As they are useful articles posted on respected sites, they often gain their rankings and traffic in search engines.

However, these articles are also SEO optimized and link back to the website that submitted the information. These links sometimes share the power to the submitter’s website (not all links will be do-follow, as it depends on the website owners). Regardless of the style of links, having reputable sites linking to you is right for your brand and business.

We can work as your blogger outreach agency so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. We only submit to real sites, with good metrics, and that has been online for at least one year. Your post will stay live for as long as the website is online. In most cases, we check that this will be at least 12 months with the website owners, before agreeing to post your articles.

How Much Does Blogger Outreach Cost?

Prices vary depending on the power and quality of the website, combined other with factors such as article word counts and website traffic. Obviously, for a quality guest post to authoritative sites, higher prices will apply.

Below are some “easy pick” options for you to choose as packages. However, if you require bulk orders or something more specific, then please contact us.

PACKAGES (coming soon)

Blogger Outreach for Business

Our blogger outreach link building plans will allow you to sit back and relax while we do all the hard work. You will be growing not only your links but also brand awareness and traffic to your website.

By selecting only blogger outreach blogs that are related to your niche, it makes all information highly relevant and complementary to your business brand. Posts will only go on websites in a similar niche or general sites that have a related category to your business. This ensures that visitors will be interested in your articles and that you won’t have any problems with spam… we only provide quality!

We may not be the best blogger outreach service out there yet, but we are a company that is expanding. And our focus is on providing quality over quantity, which is what search engines like. If you feel for any reason that our outreach service is outside of your budget, you can also try our blogger outreach platform. Where you can manually write and submit articles yourself.

Whichever approach you choose, you are sure to see benefits to your business. These may not show instantly (results can show in days, but real results can take months), but regularly continue your efforts and you should quickly start to see the impressive ROI that guest posting brings. It is why blogger outreach in marketing is so popular.

How does Website Quality Work?

Many factors determine the quality of a website. However, the two preferred approaches are domain authority and trust flow. These metrics measure how authoritative a site is, along with how trusted it is. The right mix of trust flow and domain authority helps your website to rank better. But it isn’t something that you can buy. There are many aspects of a website that determines its trustability and authority. That said, getting links from high quality and high DA sites will certainly help your website to gain DA and TF. This means that it will be seen as being the better quality by for example google.

Just be sure to make your website as useful and exciting as possible. If a site lacks information, doesn’t load quickly, and isn’t what someone wanted to find… it will fail regardless of the number of votes (links) that it receives from other websites.

Blogger Outreach Guidelines

Our blogger and influencer outreach service come with some terms and conditions. We do not allow any low quality or risky services or information; for that reason, please check the following:

  • Only Original Information will be submitted. We try to keep all texts above 90% original (some common terms/sentences may be included).
  • Traffic is not included. While some website may have stable traffic, and some articles could result in high levels of traffic. We post based on the metrics of websites (domain authority, page authority, trust flow, citation flow). As we use metrics to determine a good website, we cannot promise that you will get any traffic from an article. However, it should result in your website improving in rankings and gaining traffic with time.
  • Keyword Links – We write articles for people and in a natural way. Sometimes we will also link to other sources of authority from articles. You can request that we don’t do this, but a normal article will link to resources. Because of this, in general, links will be a mix of URLs, terms, and phrases… they will not always be SEO focused. This is good for your website and safer.
  • Minimum Word Count is 500 words. However, we recommend at least 1000 words or more.
  • Lost Links will be replaced on an equal or better website. As we can’t control everything online if you link goes offline (the site closes) within 12 months. Then we will replace it by moving the article to another website. For this reason, please make a copy of all submitted articles. So that we can move it if needed at a later time (we may have a copy, but don’t guarantee we will keep backups).


  1. Illegal activities
  2. Adult, pharma, gambling, weapons, etc.
  3. Unnatural links – some keywords and search phrases that people use are not written in a natural way (using the least words possible). Any links we create will only be words that can naturally be included in a sentence.
  4. Discrimination – We do not publish stories, or publish for websites containing information that discriminates by gender, race, or other.
  5. Articles in a language that do not match the language of the sites we can provide. In general, articles will need to be in Dutch or English. However, these may change with time. So, if you have a specific language need, please contact us before ordering.